About Sarah


Heya I‘m Sarah!

This is Sarah =)

When telling a story, I’m always unsure about how to begin. So let‘s start this story here: I‘m 36, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

About a year ago I was constantly confronted with the things Christina and Katharina crotcheted and shared on Instagram and I was kind of hooked. I was like “I want to crotchet and make something!”  Read More

Crafting makes me happy 😁

Hi to all you out there! Today i am gonna tell you a bit more about myself and how i found my way to knitting/crocheting.


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Crocheting and sustainability and the environment

I do have a tendency to talk a lot about what I do and what I can do for our environment , because I feel that it is very important and so easy to do a little part.

I dislike people who talk like they know everything and make everyone else feel bad because they live their life differently. However you live your life it may be perfect for yourself, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your choices! Read More

Oh wait, what did I want to crochet again?

Hello out there, this is me, Christina!

Just so you get to know us a bit better all three will write about who we are and why we do things with yarn 🙃

So why on earth did I start crocheting? Read More

Wool Delivery – Yay!

Hi there, this is Katharina with a quick update on my stash – getting new wool is wonderful! Read More